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Make powerful presentations in 3 simple ways

Note: Examples used are my owned with references to companies and other authors.

PowerPoint helps presenters to communicate ideas, facts, or figures into visual representations of information that can be remembered easily to an audience. Impactful yet powerful PowerPoint presentations are key to keeping an audience engaged. However, this tool might seem complex and difficult to use.

Here are 3 ideas on how to step up your PowerPoint Game:

1. Know your audience

The first thing towards making how to make a good presentation is to ask “who is this for?” This is deceptively simple, but truly necessary and effective. Even slight variations in audience can require major shifts to your presentation and the key messages intented to communicate. For example, a company overview might be useful for an investment presentation, but not for a in-company project. The content and flow of the presentation must adapt to the audience.

2. Keep it simple

To keep your audience from feeling overwhelmed, you should keep the text on each slide short and to the point. When using visual aids and PowerPoint LESS IS MORE. The 5x5 rule seeks to help build shorter, but impactful slides: No more than five words per line of text, five lines of text per slide, or five text-heavy slides in a row.

3. Step up your content

Small changes in design can go a long way. Traditional colors, fonts and templates in PowerPoint are boring. However there's a way to step up the design.

  • Stop getting images from Google, instead use a free image bank.

Bright colors and attractive imagery draw the eye to the presentation and keep people engaged. Ensure you are using high quality imagery (there is nothing worse that a blurry picture blown up on a big screen) that is relevant to what you are discussing. Content can also help fill up space in the slides by integrating images within shapes associated to the speech.


  • Use more colors

Preselected colors from PowerPoint are boring. Unlock thousands of new colors and build your own palette. Just click on the "more colors" option when displayed.

You can also get help from an only color picker and copy the color code assigned.


c. Stop using boring fonts

Download fun and more interesting fonts free and easily to your computer. Go to to access millions of designer fonts for free.


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