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As President, you will have the pleasure of leading this organization on an eye-levelled basis. You will be responsible for leading the whole 180 Degrees Consulting Barcelona family. You will be steering the board of directors and enabling them and every other member in the organization to draw on their full potential. You are the final decision makers. Additional topic handled in the management team include Finance, Legal and Corporate Governance topics, among others.

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What You'll Do
  • You are head and heart of the organization as a whole, overseeing the board, their respective teams, consultants, and team leads.

  • You are the team captain who makes sure that all tasks within the different departments are aligned.

  • You are responsible for the overall performance of the organization and providing feedback and support to the whole 180 family.Together with the board, you design the long-term strategy and derive initiatives. Keeping track of these, you drive the change of the organization not losing sight of the mission and the connected key success factors. The continuous optimization and rethinking of processes and the status quo are the backbone of your success.

  • You are the main representative to both external and internal stakeholders, including all members of 180 Degrees Consulting, external partners, universities, clients, etc. You embody the values of 180 Degrees Consulting.

  • You are the central connector between the Barcelona branch and the vast global 180 Degrees Consulting network consisting of over 150 branches from more than 35 countries around the globe. General organization: financial sustainability, legal oversight, information management etc.

What We're After

  • You are enrolled in a Bachelors, Masters, MBA or PHD degree of any kind in Barcelona for the academic year of 2023-2024.

  • You bring experience in a leadership role and pursue an adaptive and participative leadership style.Experience in either consulting/project work or the social sector.

  • You are result-driven and are highly enthusiastic to make a sustainable impact.

  • Teamwork, taking responsibility and seeing the bigger picture are important traits of you. Excellent communication skills in spoken and written English and comfort with public speaking.

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