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Finance & Legal Director

As Finance and Legal Director, your job will revolve around two main areas. On the financial side, you will take care of the annual budget as well as the financial reports every semester. On the legal side, you will take care of the branch’s annual legal obligations, working closely with clients on a contractual level, and advising the team on potential legal issues. All this will work will be conducted in collaboration with the rest of the board, especially the President and Vice-President.

Contador en el trabajo
What You'll Do
  • You are responsible for the financial side of the branch, which means you will manage the finances available.

  • You take care of the preparation of the annual budget, working closely with the Student Council, as well as the preparation of (biannual) financial reports.

  • You also deal with the legal side of the branch, which means you will take care of ensuring smooth legal transactions between 180dc and its clients.

  • You also might have to deal with legal issues that might potentially arise in certain circumstances.

What We Are After

  • You are enrolled in a Bachelors, Masters,MBA or PHD degree of any kind in Barcelona for the academic year of 2023-2024.

  • You have expertise in finance, especially in the financial management of student associations or similars.

  • You are result-driven and are highly enthusiastic to make a sustainable impact.

  • Teamwork, taking responsibility and seeing the bigger picture are important traits of you.

  • Excellent communication skills in spoken and written English and comfort with public speaking.

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