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Our top partnerships are custom made to fit our customers every need and provide top class consulting services for a fair price.


Brand building and promotion

  • Promotion in our monthly newsletter.

  • Targeted advertisement of internships, graduate roles, scholarships, etc.

  • Engagement and communication with current and past members.

  • Exposure during orientation week and our exclusive workshops.

  • Association of the brand to impact consulting and ESG challenges.


Talent scouting events

  • Target specific talent both locally or in region-wide events.

  • Collaboration on events, including workshops, case competitions, social innovation challenges, hackathons, etc.

  • Build on-campus presence.

  • Receive exclusive access to talent pool.


Project mentoring

  • Match with a 180DC Barcelona project in their area of interest.

  • Employees work closely with non-profits and small teams of students to provide impactful, hands-on project mentoring.

  • Support students with their professional development.

  • Receive exclusive access to talented students selected by your employees.

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